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 Welcome to North Newton, Kansas!

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Spring Clean-up Instructions



The North Newton Community Foundation was formed in December 2011 and is affiliated with the Central Kansas Community Foundation.  The goal of the foundation is to establish a means to benefit a wide variety of non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve health care, human services, education, arts and culture or other charitable initiatives which enhance the North Newton community. 

CALL 911 for any emergency, including reporting an after-hours maintenance issue such as a water main break or sewer back-up.  The appropriate law enforcement officer, emergency service personnel or city staff will always be dispatched.


INTANGIBLES TAX - North Newton continues to levy a 2% intangibles tax on interest and dividend earnings.  Persons who have such income must file Kansas Tax Form 200 with the County Clerk's Office on or before April 15, 2014.  The County Clerk then posts the amount owed to your property tax statements.  Your accountant should be aware of this requirement and procedure.  If you prepare your own tax forms you can print the 2014 form at the following website:

ANNUAL SPRING CLEAN-UP - From March 31 through April 4, the City will provide its annual free curbside residential collection of materials.  Different materials are picked up on different days subject to weather conditions and may take several days to complete.  Please have all materials at your curb by Monday, March 31. 

SEWER RATES - The City of Newton has increased its charges for sewer service to North Newton by 38%, or $11,590 per month.  The North Newton City Council raised sewer rates last year in anticipation of a rate increase, but did not expect such a large increase at one time.  We have no choice but to increase the sewer charge to our citizens by approximately 20%.  We wish we could say this is the last rate increase you will see for a while, but Newton may raise rates again in the future. 

TRASH AND RECYCLING - Steve Meyer, dba South Central Recycling, has been providing recycling services and hauling trash for North Newton for many years.  He is struggling to provide the annual supply of trash bags or to replenish recycling bags as needed.  The City Council has asked him to submit proposals for the continuation of his services.  In the meantime, we ask citizens to be patient and supply your own trash bags and see-through recycle bags.  

WATER - For two years we have been reporting on our pending water project.  The City has acquired all the easements and will be purchasing three well sites and a water tower site in the near future.  The water tower will be located north of 36th Street, east of Anderson Road.  We anticipate construction will begin this summer with completion next spring.