North Newton has grown in population and public services. The City has the look and feel of an attractive well maintained college town where walking is a primary mode of transportation. It is a full service community providing all municipal services except fire/ambulance services and wastewater treatment. Fire/ambulance service is provided from Newton and our wastewater is pumped to Hesston for treatment.

Kidron Loop Trail - The Kidron Loop Trail was completed in 2020 and was partially financed through a Transportation Alternative Program Grant through the Kansas Department of Transportation.  The trail winds through Campus Woods and the Kidron Bethel Retirement Village campus.  It then heads north on Anderson Avenue and turns east at 36th Street crossing Kidron Creek and then following the twists and turns of the creek.  Occasional benches and trash cans line the 10 foot wide trail.  The trail is approximately 1 1/2 miles in length and is an extension and interconnection of the North Newton Trail system.  

Sand Creek Trail - When Bethel College was established there was an open creek (Sand Creek) east of the campus and a small stream (Kidron Creek) that flowed south on the west edge of the campus to empty into Sand Creek near Newton.  To alleviate frequent flooding of the campus from Kidron Creek on the west, a drainage canal (Kidron-Martin Canal) was dug in 1925 from a point near the present Kauffman Museum eastward past the campus to where it drained into Sand Creek.  A walking trail has evolved with the growth of the college and the North Newton community over the past 100 years.  The trail took on new life in 1997 when retiree and new resident to the area, Jacob Goering, provided leadership for its improvement and expansion.  A layer of wood chips covers the path for the length of the trail making it suitable for all weather use.  Please click on the following link for more information and a trail map: North Newton Trail Information.

Goldenrod Tot Lot and Campus Woods Park - Goldenrod Tot Lot was updated in 2021 with new equipment appropriate for older children.  Also in 2021, a new park was built between 403 and 405 Lakewood Drive.  This equipment is suitable for younger children.  Both parks have attractive equipment which sits on a layer of rubber mulch.     

Chisholm Trail Park
- Completed in 1988, the park is situated north of Kauffman Museum.  It features an open grassy area for picnics and gatherings and a tranquil path along Kidron Creek.

Trail of Two Cities - Completed in 2006, this wide biking and walking path connects North Newton to Newton's Centennial Park and Sand Creek Trail.  It follows Kansas Avenue, 24th Street and runs through a portion of the Bethel College campus.