To contact the Municipal Court:  316-283-7633 or

To pay a ticket online with a debit or credit card, click on Pay Online on this website and select the Municipal Court option.

Click here for a Municipal Court Information sheet.
Click here for a Traffic Diversion Application form.  Please read the information on the application carefully.  If you desire to apply for traffic diversion you turn in the application and application fee of $25.00 initially.  The fine, court costs and diversion fee will be paid later if you are accepted into the diversion program.

                                                 COURT COSTS, FINES & FEES

Illegal Parking Fine $  20.00
Illegal Parking Handicap Zone Fine $100.00
Stop Sign Violation $114.00 *
Speeding 6-10 mph over limit $117.00 *
Speeding 11-15 mph over limit $127.00 *
Speeding 16-20 mph over limit $137.00 *
Speeding 21-25 mph over limit $152.00 *
Speeding 26+ mph over limit $10 for every mile over the limit *
Other violations in the Standard Traffic Ordinance $20.00 - $180.00 *
* - Includes $80 Court Costs:
$22.50 - Law Enforcement Training Fund (Sent to State)
$1.00 - Judicial Branch Education Fund (Sent to State)
$56.50 - retained by court

KS DL Reinstatement Fee $122.00 per charge
Warrant Fee $25.00
Jail Fee per day $35.00
Diversion Application Fee $25.00
Diversion Fee (if approved; in
addition to fine and court costs)
Court Appointed Attorney Rate $85.00 per hour