CONTRACTORS in the building trades are to be licensed in North Newton prior to performing work within the city (Ord. 609-16).  This is an annual license.  Also to be included with an application are a current contractor license from another city and in most cases a Certificate of Liability Insurance.  Roofers must also be registered with the Kansas Attorney General's office per the Kansas Roofing Registration Act. 

Contractor License Application & Renewal Form

BUILDING PERMITS are available at North Newton City Hall or by calling and requesting a faxed or emailed version.  They also can be printed directly from the following links:

Application for Building Permit
Application for Mechanical Permit
Application for Plumbing, Gas & Water Treatment System Permit
Application for Electrical Permit
Application for Sign, Awning, Canopy & Marquee Permit
Application for Excavation & Pavement Curb Cut Permit
Application for ROW Excavation

Application for Miscellaneous, Wrecking & Moving Permit
Permit Fee Schedule
Backflow Prevention Device Test Report

All applications are to be completely filled out by the applicant before submitting to North Newton City Hall.  Permit fees may be paid at City Hall, by mail, or online at (select Pay Online then the Miscellaneous option).

Many home improvements, repairs or updates to mechanical systems, plumbing or gas, and electrical wiring require permits.  Some improvements will require inspections.

All new construction permits must be approved by the North Newton Zoning Administrator.  Electrical, plumbing/gas, and/or mechanical permits are required on new construction and smaller projects.  Payment of the water and sewer hook-up fees is required at the time the building permit is obtained on all new construction.

Accompanying all new home or commercial permit applications the City requires:  1) a certified survey of the building site,
2) a plot plan, and 3) a set of "blueprint" plans.

The permit application will be submitted to the Zoning Administrator no later than the next working day after the completed permit is received at City Hall.  While most permits are approved within one day, there is a maximum 10-day turn-around period.

You will be notified if the permit has been approved or denied.

No construction, requiring a permit, may begin until such permit has been issued and approved.  All such construction must be inspected by the local building inspector or, in some instances, the North Newton Director of Public Works.  Permit fees double when a permit is not obtained prior to work commencing.

QUESTIONS?  Call or email:  316.283.7633; or

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