Water Tower    Aerial   


Resident Fox with Kits  Rascal Raccoon  Backyard Beauty
Neighborhood Fox with Kit        Night Visitor                                      Backyard Garden 
Community Garden  Campus Woods Lake Winter  Sunset Water Tower 
Sand Creek Community Garden        Campus Woods Lake          Water Tower at Sunset
Goerz House Fall  Kauffman Museum Barn Winter  Thresher Stadium
Goerz House                           Kauffman Museum Historic Barn             Thresher Stadium
Neighborhood Ducks  Acrobatic Squirrel  Memorial Grove Winter 
Neighborhood Ducks      Squirrel at a Bird Feeder                      Memorial Grove in Winter

Kidron Creek Winter  Sunfield Pond by Ron Ratzlaff  Campus Woods Lake
Kidron Creek in Winter    Sunfield Pond (taken by Ron Ratzlaff)        Campus Woods Lake

Tangeman Barn - July 4                      Tangeman Barn in Winter


Trail Marker 1-Archeology on Sand Creek  Trail Marker 2-Ancient Peoples of Kansas  Trail Marker 3-Settling the Prairie  Trail Marker 4-Sand Creek Trail 
Trail Marker 1               Trail Marker 2              Trail Marker 3                Trail Marker 4
Trail Marker 5-College on the Prairie   Trail Marker 6-The Story of Land and People  Trail Marker 7-Trails Across the Prairie  Trail Marker 8-Rediscovering the Prairie  
Trail Marker 5                 Trail Marker 6              Trail Marker 7               Trail Marker 8