On June 1, 2023 the North Newton City Council selected Nisly Brothers of Hutchinson as the City's new residential trash and recycling collection provider. 

Residential households have two roll-away carts.  The green cart is for bagged trash and the tan cart is for loose recyclables.  Trash collection is every Monday (except for Monday holidays) and recycle collection is every other Monday depending on where you live in North Newton. Please have your carts at the curb the evening before or by 6:00 a.m. Monday.  Click on the guide below for further information, a calendar of your recycle pickup weeks and recycle zone map.

Have a bulky appliance that you need to get rid of?  Arrange bulky item pick up by calling Nisly Brothers directly at 866-662-6561.

2024 Nisly Brothers Trash and Recycle Schedule (printable) and Recycle Zone Map.
Look for the 2024 Trash and Recycle Schedule also at



 Moving out? Downsizing? Just cleaning out the clutter?  As part of North Newton's new contract with
 Nisly Brothers, residents who get a utility bill can Reserve-A-Dumpster for a one week period free of
 1) Resident calls City Hall to reserve a dumpster.
 2) Nisly Brothers is notified.  They deliver the dumpster on a Wednesday and place it on the street in
    front of your house.
 3) Nisly Brothers picks up the dumpster the following Wednesday.
The dumpster cannot be used for demolition/construction waste, hazardous waste, or bulky appliances.


Call Nisly Brother's toll-free number to request bulky appliance pickup.  1-866-662-6561

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE                                                                                    

Household hazardous waste (such as paints, varnish, paint thinner, herbicides, insecticides, photographic chemicals, pool chemicals, poisons, solvents, ignitables)must be handled properly and taken to an authorized disposal site. The Harvey County Household Hazardous Waste program allows residents to safely dispose of household hazardous materials free of charge.  Materials must be in their original containers and clearly marked.  Each container cannot be bigger than five gallons or 50 pounds, but they do accept multiple containers.

Examples of items they DO NOT accept:  smoke detectors, asbestos, ammunition, radioactive material and explosives. Call the Sheriff's Dept. at 284-6960 for information about ammunition disposal.  Call the Health Dept. at 284-1637 for information about medical waste disposal.

Harvey County Solid Waste Dept                                                                         
3205 SW 24th, PO Box 687, Newton 
Telephone:  316-283-5439; Fax: 316-283-3749
Hours:  8:00-4:45 Monday-Friday

For more information click here:  Household Hazardous Waste Information